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City of Winnipeg
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What’s Your Residential Street Snow Zone?

Water Main Renewal Program

We have an annual Water Main Renewal Program to reduce:

  • the number of water main breaks
  • the number of service interruptions for customers
  • water loss
How many kilometres of water mains can you replace annually?

We can replace an average of approximately 12 kilometres of water mains per year. In 2018, we will spend approximately $18.5 million on our water main renewal program. Over the past 10 years, we have spent between $10.0 and $19.5 million per year to replace corroded water mains with new PVC pipe.

How do we know which water mains to renew?

We know that the number of breaks increase as a water main gets near the end of its life span. Each year we look at the number of breaks individual water mains have had during the past five years. Water mains that have a high number of breaks over that period are put onto the renewal list. After that they are scheduled each year based on their priority on the list. We also coordinate water and sewer renewals with street renewals as much as possible to avoid digging up new streets.

Will I be notified if you are going to renew the water main on my street?

Yes. We will deliver a printed notice to your home or business a week or so before construction is going to start. The notice will tell you:

  • the dates for the project
  • lane closures, if any
  • changes in services like garbage pick-up and transit, if applicable
  • the name of the contractor
  • the name and daytime contact information for the project consultant or administrator
  • to call 311 with any project concerns or questions outside of regular business hours
  • that a temporary hose line will be connected to your home
How do you coordinate renewals on major streets when access and service to businesses or large customers may be affected by construction?

We communicate with affected customers well in advance of the construction to understand their concerns and minimize the impact on business as much as possible.

The water main on my street has had several breaks in the last few years. How I can find out if it's going to be renewed?

Contact 311.

Last updated: July 23, 2018