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Report a crime online

If this is an emergency or a crime in progress, call 9-1-1.

Online reporting is not monitored 24/7.

Please note, the Online Reporting cannot be accepted if the incident involves;

  • Any theft, loss or property damage exceeding $25,000
  • Personal violence such as; assault, robbery, domestic violence
  • Theft (or loss) of firearm or medication
  • Theft of vehicle, license plate or utility trailer
  • Hate motivated vandalism or hate motivated graffiti

Call non-emergency 204-986-6222 or visit a Service Centre to report.

Online reporting assistance

If you encounter any technical difficulties, or for general online reporting information, call 204-986-6313 Monday-Friday 8 am-4 pm (excluding holidays).  

Report online

Provide a Crime Tip

Break and Enter

Entry gained by unknown persons to garages (attached/detached), enclosed porches, sheds, storage lockers, laundry rooms, mailboxes.

  • Entry may occur by lock being cut, door being forced or kicked in or unlocked door.
  • Accepted only if there are no known suspects.
  • Please note: If someone broke into your home, apartment or business call 204-986-6222 to report the incident.

Report Break & Enter

Damage/ Mischief to Property (Not from a collision)

Has someone damaged, defaced or vandalized public or private property?  This may include:

  • Breaking windows, mailboxes, throwing eggs, spray painting, writing or drawing on property.
  • Accepted only if there are no known suspects.

    Please Note: If you were a victim of graffiti vandalism, paint vouchers and graffiti wipes are available for pick up at Police Headquarters.

Report Damage / Mischief to Property

Damage / Mischief to Vehicle (Not from a Collision)

Has someone damaged, defaced or vandalized your vehicle? This may include:

  • Denting, scratching or keying the vehicle, breaking windows or lights, slashing tires.
  • Accepted only if there are no known suspects.

Report Damage / Mischief to Vehicle

Fraud - Failure to Provide Service

The intentional use of deceit in order to persuade someone to part with money or property. This may include:

  • Another party accepts money without the intent to provide the agreed upon goods or services.
  • Accepted with known and unknown suspects.

Report Fraud - Failure to Provide Service

Fraud - Identity Theft

The intentional deceptive use or possession of another person's identity to commit a fraud.  This may include:

  • Personal information which has been used without the individual's knowledge or consent (i.e. credit application).
  • Accepted with known and unknown suspects.

Report Fraud - Identity Theft

Fraud - Scam

The intentional use of deceit to persuade someone to part with something of value.  This may include:

  • You gave money to someone who contacted you in person, over the phone or internet and you believe they obtained your money by being untruthful
  • Accepted with known and unknown suspects

    Please note: If you are reporting a telephone, letter or internet scam but did not suffer any financial loss, there is no need to file a report with the Winnipeg Police Service. Contact the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre – 1-888-495-8501 to report. 

Report Fraud - Scam

Fraud - Unauthorized use / Possession of Payment Device

The intentional misuse of another person's payment device instrument.  This may include:

  • Debit card, credit card, gift card and/or cheque
  • Accepted with known and unknown suspects

Report Fraud - Unauthorized use / Possession of payment device

Lost Property

Lost property includes any material goods that are missing or lost.  This may include:

  • Currency, jewelry, keys, laptop and/or personal identification
  • Please note: Lost firearms or medication cannot be reported online. Call 204-986-6222 to report the incident. 

Report lost property

Theft under $25,000

Theft involves someone taking property without your permission.  This may include:

  • Theft of a bicycle, lawnmower, tools or other tangible item(s)
  • Accepted only if there are no known suspects

Report Theft under

Theft from Vehicle

Involves the taking of property from within a vehicle without the owner's permission.  This may include:

  • Theft of car stereo, vehicle parts, laptop or other tangible item(s) from locked or unlocked vehicle
  • Accepted only if there are no known suspects

Report Theft from vehicle

Traffic Complaint

Incidents involving aggressive driving and/or a traffic violation or reoccurring situation at specific location.  This may include:

  • Stop sign or red light infractions, excessive speeding, distracted or careless driving, unsafe passing of a school bus or speeding in school zones

Report a traffic complaint

Retail Theft - Shoplifting or Gas Drive Off

Are you the owner, manager or employee of a:

  • Gas station reporting the theft of gas?
  • Retail Store reporting the theft of merchandise?
  • Accepted only if there are no known suspects

Report retail theft

Supplemental Report

You may add additional information to an already filed police report or an approved online report, such as additional property discovered stolen or damaged.

You will require the official police report number to submit a Supplemental Report.
  • Official police report numbers begin with a C, R or E (C170123456, R170123456 or E170123456).

Supplemental report

Vehicle Hit and Run

Has another vehicle caused damage to your unattended vehicle and the driver failed to stop and leave particulars?

  • Only report damage to your vehicle which you believe was caused by another moving vehicle. 
  • Dents from opening car doors or shopping carts should be reported online as Damage / Mischief to Vehicle.
  • Accepted only if there are no known suspects or suspect licence plate. 

Please note:  If the incident involves a pedestrian, cyclist, physical injury, known suspect or you have a suspect license plate you must call 204-986-8666 Monday to Friday, 8:00 am to 4:00 pm (excluding holidays) to report to a police officer.

Report Vehicle Hit and Run

Drug Complaints - Marihuana Grow, Drug Lab

Locations which are used for the growth, manufacturing and/or distribution of illicit drugs.  This may include:

  • A residence used to grow marihuana or a business used to manufacture methamphetamine.
  • Accepted with known and unknown suspects.

Report drug compaints - Marihuana grow, drug lab

Drug Complaints - Using, Dealing, Selling

Suspicious activity relating to the illicit drug trade which negatively impacts the community. This may include:

  • Persons using, dealing and/or selling illicit drugs in a particular area.
  • Accepted with known and unknown suspects.

Drug complaint - using,dealing,selling

Gang Activity

Acknowledgement of gang membership, one or several persons wearing the same colors repeatedly, gang signs made with hands, gang motivated crime.

  • Suspicious activity or high traffic residences.
  • Accepted with known and unknown suspects including full or partial license plates.

Gang activity and/or problem location

Anonymity and Confidential Informant Status

If you would like to make an anonymous complaint, contact Crime Stoppers.

If you would like to seek confidential informant status, speak directly with a police officer and immediately inform that officer of your desire to be protected by informant privilege.

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