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About Us

Our Goal is Simple

Traffic safety is a major concern to our citizens.  Bad driving, whether intentional or not, results in property damage, injury and too often, death.

Our goal is simple—to reduce collisions and injuries by reducing red-light running and excessive speeding.

This is where photo enforcement comes in. The majority of Winnipeggers are strongly behind photo enforcement if the police can demonstrate that it is both fair and effective. We believe our six-month pilot project at Sherbrook Street and Broadway did just that.

By combining photo enforcement with an aggressive public education initiative on the real and sometimes heart-breaking consequences of bad driving, we can reach our goal of safer streets in Winnipeg.

The Plan

Following the success in other cities, the Winnipeg Police Service believes that a three-pronged approach will be successful in saving lives and preventing injuries. The plan is based on these principles:

Education:  We believe that once most drivers understand the consequences of driving at dangerous speeds and running red lights, they will willingly modify their driving. To that end, a major public education program is in effect.
Engineering: Using photo enforcement technology, the City of Winnipeg will be able to establish a comprehensive data base that will allow our engineers to change speed zones where required, such as Century and Disraeli.

Enforcement: For those hard-core drivers who just don't get the message, a regulated system of photo enforcement will operate in areas based on the regulations governing Image Capturing Enforcement Systems


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Last update: April 15, 2013

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