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City of Winnipeg
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Winnipeg BIZ zone map
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Business Improvement Zones in Winnipeg

Winnipeg is proud to be 16 BIZ Zones strong! This translates to over 5,000 local businesses creating successful economic development in their zones. Success of Winnipeg’s BIZ Zones and partnerships with the City of Winnipeg and other agencies, organizations and sponsors are visible within each distinct zone. Learn more about BIZ Zones:

BIZ Zone Directory

Each BIZ Zone is governed and administered by a Board.  Below is a directory of each BIZ Zone including direct contact information for each Executive Director and Board Chair. 


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Academy Road Business Improvement Zone

390 Academy Road, Winnipeg, R3N 0B8
Phone: 204-805-3652

Tom Scott, Chair, c/o Pilates Manitoba, 390 Academy Rd R3N 0B8
Phone: 204-805-3652

Jackie Henrickson, Communications, c/o MerryMaids, D – 620 Academy Road R3N 0E6,
Phone: 204-414-9070

Corydon Avenue Business Improvement Zone

497 Corydon Avenue, Winnipeg, R3L 0N9
Phone: 204-284-3700,   Fax: 204-477-0319

Katia von Stackelberg, Executive Director
Phone: 204-284-3700

Craig Kitching, Chair, c/o Subway, 747-B Corydon Avenue, Winnipeg, R3M 0W5
Phone: 204-940-5550

Downtown Winnipeg Business Improvement Zone

426 Portage Avenue, Winnipeg, R3C 0C9
Phone: 204-958-4640,    Fax: 204-958-4630

Stefano Grande, Executive Director
Phone: 204-958-4622

Diana Wiesenthal, Chair, c/o Corporate People Responsibility, 503 - 265 Portage Avenue, Winnipeg, R3B 3H6
Phone: 204-691-8200

Exchange District Business Improvement Zone

492 Main Street, Winnipeg, R3B 1B7
Phone: 204-942-6716,   Fax: 204-943-8741

David Pensato, Executive Director,
Phone: 204-942-6716, ext # 3

Chair - Currently vacant

North End Business Improvement Zone

Box 4036 Redwood Centre, B-1155 Main Street, Winnipeg, R2W 5K8
Phone: 204-589-7359,   Fax: 204-589-7350

Astrid Lichti, Administrative Coordinator, 994 Main Street, Winnipeg, R2W 3P7
Phone: 204-589-7359

Keith Horn, c/o Northern Hotel, 826 Main Street, Winnipeg, R2W 3N8,
Phone: 204-582-6346

Norwood Grove Business Improvement Zone

Box 34, Norwood Grove P.O., Winnipeg, R2H 3B8
Phone: 204-231-9373,   Cell: 204-795-2161

Jennifer Mathieson, Executive Director
Cell: 204-795-2161

Chair - Currently vacant

Old St Vital Business Improvement Zone

6 - 553 St Mary's Road, Winnipeg, MB, R2M 3L4
204-504-9535,   Fax: 204-256-8072

Maurice Allard, Executive Director
Phone: 204-504-9535

Jim Fuller, Chair, c/o Top Hat Florists, 569 St Mary's Rd Winnipeg, R2M 3L6
Phone: 204-795-5699

Osborne Village Business Improvement Zone

101 - 478 River Avenue, Box 426, Winnipeg, R3L 0C8
Cell: 204-797-0831 

Stephanie Meilleur, Executive Director
Cell: 204-797-0831

Justin Paquin, Chair, 468 Stradbrook Ave, Winnipeg, R3L 0J9
Phone: 204-988-1120

Provencher Blvd Business Improvement Zone

c/o 219 Provencher Blvd., Winnipeg, R2H 0G4
Phone: 204-289-4061,   Fax: 204-231-8321

Guy Noel, Executive Director
Cell: 204-289-4061

Chair - Jean-Marc Champagne, c/o Fromagerie Bothwell

St James Village Business Improvement Zone

PO Box 42101 RPO Ferry Road, Winnipeg, R3J 3X7
Phone: 204-889-9628,   Fax: 204-888-0805

Jennifer Mathieson, Executive Director
Phone: 204-889-9628

Peter Vandenberg, Chair, Vandenberg jewelry, 1858 Portage Ave, Winnipeg, R3J 0G9
Phone: 204-487-4723

St Norbert Business Improvement Zone

3527 Pembina Highway, PO Box 216 St Norbert Postal Station Winnipeg, R3V 1L6

Rachel Tallant, BIZ Coordinator,
Phone: 204-688-6091

Tyler Good, Chair, BSI Insurance Brokers Ltd, Unit A - 3325 Pembina Highway, Winnipeg, R3V 0V2
Phone: 204-261-7170

Selkirk Avenue Business Improvement Zone

Office: 619 Selkirk Avenue, Winnipeg, R2W 2N2
Telephone: 204-421-4070

Brian Timmerman, Administrator,
Phone: 204-421-4070

Councillor Ross Eadie, Chair, 510 Main Street, Winnipeg, R3B 1B9
Phone: 204-986-5188

South Osborne Business Improvement Zone

Phone: 204-471-7726

Erick Casselman, Chair, The Park Theatre, 698 Osborne Street, Winnipeg, R3L 2B9,
Phone: 204-478-7275

Evelyn Mannall, Contract Administrator,
Phone: 204-471-7726

Transcona Business Improvement Zone

108 Bond Street, Winnipeg, R2C 2L2
Phone: 204-222-8566,   Fax: 204-222-8577

Alexandra Morrison, Executive Director   
Phone: 204-222-8566

Chris Lange, Chair, Lange Law, 227 Regent Avenue West, Winnipeg, R2C 1R3
Phone: 204-272-0266

West Broadway Business Improvement Zone

Box 26003, 676 Portage Avenue, Winnipeg, R3G 3R3
204-779-4100,   Fax: 204-772-2108

Leah McCormick, Executive Director
Phone: 204-779-4100

Greg Evans, Chair, Evans Family Law, 190 Sherbrook Street, Winnipeg, R3C 2B6
Phone: 204-992-3242

West End Business Improvement Zone

581 Portage Avenue, Winnipeg, R3B 2G2
204-954-7900,   Fax: 204-772-8604

Gloria Cardwell-Hoeppner, Executive Director
Phone: 204-954-7900

Rennie Zegalski, Chair, Capital Commercial Real Estate, 2nd Flr. - 570 Portage Ave, Winnipeg, R3C 0G4
Phone: 204-943-5700

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Last update: November 15, 2018